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My friend is visiting me today with her baby. Very excited. We plan on having lots of good lake time, and that, hopefully, will also be good sketch time for me. Just recently finished a small sketchbook that I've been working on for a year. The sketchbook is a great size, easy to carry around with me and fits in my purse. I like to think of sketchbooks as good references... Always fun to go back in time and look at old sketchbooks. Pretty sure there's some Tori Amos lyrics scribbled in the early ones! And lots of pixie drawings. And suns and moons. I got a big chunk of my sketchbook filled earlier this year on a trip to New Zealand. So inspired after that amazing experience. Also felt pretty good that I kept up with this little journal/sketchbook for a year.


I ate a lot of oysters in New Zealand. I wrote and drew about them. Also, lots of good beach sketch time...


On a recent trip to Kings River... I think this will become something... Not quite sure yet, though.


I've started a new sketchbook. Hoping I can have that sucker filled by next July. I'll keep you posted.

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