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Finding Time to Paint

Man, it has been a while.

I have been extra busy with work. Which is great! But the downside is being so exhausted that I'm not able to paint when I have the free time. My mom and I decided to have a yard sale, and I thought I would paint some little pots to display all the baby plants that have seemed to multiply all summer. Well, I sold most of the plants, but no pots.

Oh, well.

I decided to put them on the Etsy site, and see how that goes. The good thing about these little guys, was that it wasn't hard to paint one a night while binge watching Netflix after my 8-5 work day. Finding the time to paint is difficult sometimes. But small projects like these pots gave me a creative release at the end of the day, and seeing them all together was most satisfying. Also, another fun way to paint trees.


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