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Lake Painting

Today I decided to pack up the car and go paint. I tried not to think too hard about it. I grabbed the essentials, packed some water and poured a coffee. As I was driving down the hill, a foggy scene unfolded. I couldn't see the other side of the lake... It was so bright, washed out,


foggy morning

I was immediately happy about my decision. I set up to paint: I unfolded my backpacker easel, set up my umbrella, opened up my Tupperware container that holds my palette, and got to work. The fog didn't last long. I didn't work fast enough. The water looked like glass for the first hour or so, but the wind picked up after a while. I took a break and swam with my dog. I plan on doing this as much as possible.

Opal, my painting buddy

Swimming Are

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